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Vendors can easily incorporate UEBA capabilities via Fortscale Presidio

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Hi Bob

Fortscale continues to move the UEBA industry forward, by investing in technology and innovation. We are excited to share with you a new patent, “Identifying Insider-Threat Security Incidents via Recursive Anomaly Detection of User Behavior”. This new innovation will help empower security teams by prioritizing unknown threats as they emerge and by removing the manual task of classifying and tweaking rules each time. Read more about it.

We also want to share our new video "Why Fortscale UEBA?". Our analytics engine allows SIEM, EDR/EPP, DLP, CASB, IAM, FW and other security components to integrate advanced behavioral analytics natively into their solutions.


Idan Tendler
CEO & Co-founder 

Watch Why Fortscale UEBA?


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