November 16, 2016 Chapter Meeting -Mayflower Chinese Restaurant- 11am - 1pm

Join us for our November chapter meeting featuring CyberArk. Please note this is on WEDNESDAY November 16th at the Mayflower Restaurant (3022 L St).

Privileged Accounts – Best Practices and Practical (phased) Approach for Success

Most organizations will agree that privileged accounts and access are one of the most challenging and risky parts of all of IT Security still unmet even in mature security programs.  Privileged Access is not a new problem but rather a very old problem which many organizations struggle to fix based on complexity, legacy access and unknown impact of change. Many reports such as M-Trends and Verizon, highlight that these same privileged accounts, at some point in the attack cycle, are almost universally leveraged and misused in breaches around the world in all verticals.

Personal privileged accounts are hugely impactful to many organizations day to day support and operations, so any change in this kind of access is operationally risky and could be hard to adopt and trust. The discussion will not only focus on a problem and solution but also a phased approach of how other organizations slowly transitioned away from Personal privileged accounts into a functional account model.

Speaker: Justin Bradley, VP Customer Success at CyberArk

Justin has been working at CyberArk for 12 years working in several departments including support, professional services, engineering and now leads the Customer Success department.  CyberArk’s Customer Success department is a team of non-billable engineers dedicated to helping customer use and leverage the solutions they already own against best practices in the industry. The feedback and ideas from CyberArk’s 3000 customers via the Customer Success team help shape much of the platform roadmap and future best practices and allow CyberArk as a company to grow its expertise in the field of privileged and shared accounts.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 11:30am to 1:00pm