September 13, 2016 7PM CyberDefender Workshop (formerly Tech Night)

The Ethical Hacker’s Toolbox: Kali Linux Session 3

Presented by Alan Hare, Senior Security Analyst, from the Department of Child Support Services

To be held at the Rancho Cordova Branch of the Sacramento Public Library.


Kali is a Linux distribution that comes packaged with all the tools an ethical hacker needs to conduct functions such as network scanning, penetration and vulnerability testing. 


This session will continue our focus on using NMap, Metasploit, and Armitage to conduct a vulnerability assessment also known as a penetration test.   


To participate with the live sessions please bring a laptop with Kali installed and updated.

You can download Kali from:

Please validate the SHA1 sum prior to burning the ISO to DVD.


For instructions on installation see:

If installing to a separate HDD or USB Flash Drive, please disconnect your systems primary HDD prior to install, this will prevent overwriting of the boot with the Linux Grub.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - 7:00pm