Tech Eve - Capture the Flag #2 - Password Cracking, 2/28/2023, 6:00PM-9:00PM

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Speaker: Charles Blas, Director of Education
Topic: Tech Eve - Capture the Flag #2 - Password Cracking

The Sacramento Valley ISSA Director of Education, Charles Blas, is preparing interested participants for a Capture the Flag (CTF) challenge. This is the second in a series. Last month Charles started with Over the Wire Bandit web training to pick up the basics.

In February Charles will introduce the critical skills needed to crack passwords for the upcoming CTF challenge.  We’ll begin with a brief primer on hashing vs. encryption and encoding.  Through the course, students will learn how to start with well-known, high-value dictionaries like the RockYou list, then we will extend on those concepts with rules and masks, and work to create custom and derivative wordlists along the way.  The primary tool for the class will be hashcat, but we’ll also cover ophcrack and talk topically about others as well.  We will primarily focus on MD5, NTLMv2, and SHA256 hashes with varying levels of password complexity, but everything has been structured to fit within a limited class time.  A survey will be given after the course, and, if there’s enough interest, we’ll have an follow-up office hours session for Q&A.

Please register to receive the Zoom meeting link for this Tuesday evening event and we'll look forward to having you join us!

Tuesday, February 28, 2023 - 6:00pm
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